Six String can assist with the development or review of your brand. We have found that branding is interpreted differently from agency to agency. This page aims to clarify our understanding of and approach to branding:

What is a brand?
A brand is more than a logo. It is the sum total of how an organisation is perceived. This can include visual elements (like logos, colours, design, use of photography) and non-visual elements (like tone of voice, writing style, music, how the telephone is answered). All things combined add up to make a brand.

What is branding?
Branding is pro-active corporate identity management consistently applied to every business interaction.

Why bother with branding?
Every company has a brand whether it consciously manages it or not. Strong brands are managed on an ongoing basis.

Why Six String?
Six String combines top quality visual design with the most thoughtful critical analysis available to create and manage profitable brands.

Our approach to branding...
Our approach to branding is always tailored to suit the individual organisation but generally falls into three categories: Brand analysis, Brand implementation and Brand management.

Brand analysis
Market research; Brand hierarchy analysis; Research of organisational culture.
Workshops; Surveys; Discussion groups; Thinking differently.

Brand implementation
Implement, develop and deliver a coherent brand implementation strategy.
Style guide; Design collateral; Plan for implementation.

Brand management
On-going management; Development and review of brand; Continuing to think differently;
Test brand implementation; Plan against measurable KPI’s.

Our experience over many years has taught us that a brand is a living organism. Brand management is an on-going process of review, reevaluation and transformation. It does not end with supplying the deliverables. How a brand is perceived in the marketplace is the consequence of the many different elements that make up the overall ‘brandscape’ of the organisation. Of particular importance is how and to what extent management and staff emotionally embrace the brand and its communication objectives. We hold the strong view that an internal communications strategy should be developed and that a regular review of how the brand is working in relation to achieving its objectives be undertaken.

It is imperative that the brand does not just come to be seen within an organisation as the brand manual and ‘getting the font right’. Rather it must be seen to be a living, breathing organism that has a life of its own and needs nurturing. To use an analogy: A brand is a bit like a garden. It needs to be tended to, pruned, clipped and watered constantly.
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